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The atomic line data used in this database are taken from Bob Kurucz' CD-ROM 23 of spectroscopic line calculations. The database contains all lines of the file "gfall.dat" with the following items for each line:
Wavelength; loggf; element code; lower level: energy, J, configuration; upper level: energy, J, configuration; gamma r; gamma s; gamma w; reference code.

You can view the list of references Bob Kurucz and Barbara Bell used in generating the atomic line data.
The list is ordered as follows:
Code for (element . ionization stage)
Abbreviation for authors (as in "Ref" column in line list output)
Bibliographic Reference

List of references sorted by author code.

List of references sorted by element code.

In addition, here is the original Readme File to Kurucz' CD-ROM 23.

In the process of converting the original ASCII database file into a compressed format to save storage space (70 MB -> 25 MB) and speed up access (2 min -> 10 s for a total read), 9 hydrogen lines could not be converted because they caused an overflow of the compressed format.
Log of conversion with list of 9 missing hydrogen lines.

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