Abteilung Plasmaphysik
Institut für Atom- und Molekülphysik der Universität Hannover

Publications of the last years

G Stockhausen, W Mende and M Kock

Time-resolved laser-induced photoionization in the dark space

of a hollow cathode.

J. Phys. B 29 (1996) 665 - 75

W Mende and M Kock

Oscillator strengths of Ba I and Sr I Rydberg transitions.

J. Phys. B 29 (1996) 655 - 63

J P Knauer and M Kock

Experimental Stark broadening constants for Ar I, Ar II and Kr I resonance lines in the vacuum ultra violet region.

JQSRT 56 (1996) 563 - 72

J C Molino Garcia, W Bötticher and M Kock

Oscillator strengths of Kr I and Xe I resonance lines.

JQSRT 55 (1996) 169 - 79

M Kock

Atomic oscillator strengths from emission measurements:

achievements and limitations.

Phys. Scripta T65 (1996) 43 - 7

C Heise, K Lemke and M Kock

Full-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation of glow discharges

with superposed magnetic fields.

Contr. Plasma Phys. 37 (1997) 431 - 50

A Siems, J. P. Knauer, M Kock, S. Johansson and U. Litzen

Ar II branching ratios for spectrometer response calibration in the near vacuum-uv.

JQSRT 56 (1996) 513 - 6

R Schnabel and M Kock

Radiative lifetimes of excited W I levels.

Z. Phys. D 41 (1997) 31 - 4

R Kling, M Kock

Penning discharge as a dc source for multiply ionized atoms.

50th Annual Gaseous Electronic Conf., Madison (Wisconsin) Vol. 42(8) p. 1748 (1997)

W Mende and M Kock

Oscillator strengths of the Sr I principal series.

J. Phys. B 30 (1998) 5401 - 7

M van Lessen, R Schnabel and M Kock

Population densities of Fe I and Fe II levels in an atomic beam from partially saturated LIF signals.

J. Phys. B 31 (1998) 1931 - 46

U Litzen and R Kling

Precision measurements of wavelength and isotope shifts of the Be III resonance lines at 2065 and 2067 Angström

J.Phys B. 31 (1999) L 933-936

R Kling and M Kock

W I branching ratios and absolute oscillator strengths.

JQSRT 62 (1999) 129-140

M Schultz, R Schnabel and M Kock

A linear Paul trap for radiative lifetime measurements on ions.

EPJD 5 (1999) 341-344

D Schinköth, M Kock, E Schulz-Gulde

Experimental Stark broadening parameters for near-infrared Ar I and Kr I lines.

JQSRT 64 (1998) 635-643

R Schnabel, M Schultz-Johanning and M Kock

Radiative lifetimes of excited W II levels

EPJD 4 (1998) 267-269

R Schnabel, M Kock and H Holweger

Selected Fe II lifetimes and f-values suitable for a solar abundance study.

Astron. Astrophys. 342 (1999) 610 - 3

C M Sikstroem, M Schultz-Johanning, M Kock, Z S Li, H Nilsson, S Johansson, H Lundberg, A J J Raassen

The FERRUM project: experimental lifetimes of highly excited Fe II 3d64p levels and transition probabilities.

J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Phys. 32 (1999) 5687-98

F Könemann, E Schulz-Gulde, M Kock

Evidence of non-equilibrium near the cathode of a low current argon arc

Int. Conf. Phen. Ion. Gases, Warschau 1999

R Kling, J-O Ekberg and M Kock

W II branching ratios and oscillator strengths

JQSRT 67 (2000) 227 - 238

D Schinköth, M Kock, E Schulz-Gulde

Experimental Stark broadening parameters for near-infrared Ar I and Kr I lines.

JQSRT 64 (2000) 635 - 43

J Reiche, F Könemann, W Mende, E Schulz-Gulde, M Kock

Investigation of the Cathode Region of a Low-current Argon Arc

Proceedings of the XIII International Conference on Gas Discharges and their Applications I (2000) 202-205

R Schnabel, M Kock

f-value measurement of the Be I resonance line using a nonlinear time-resolved laser-

induced fluorescence technique

Phys. Rev. A 61 (2000) 062505 1 - 7

E Schulz-Gulde, F Könemann, G Kühn, W Mende, J Reiche und M Kock

Spektroskopischer Nachweis von erodiertem Elektrodenmaterial im Kathodenbereich von Gasentladungslampen (A);

Abschlussbericht / Universität Hannover, Institut für Atom- & Molekülphysik, Abteilung Plasmaphysik. (2000)

(Forschungsbericht / Bundesministerium fuer Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie : Plasmatechnologie, Grundlagenuntersuchungen an thermisch emittierenden Kathoden für Gasentladungslampen, Contract BMBF 13 N 7106.)

M Schultz-Johanning, R Kling, R Schnabel, M Kock, Z Li, H Lundberg, S Johansson

Lifetimes, branching fractions, and oscillator strengths of doubly ionized tungsten

Phys. Scripta 63 (2001) 367 -71

R Schnabel, M Kock

Time-resolved nonlinear laser-induced fluorescence technique for a combined lifetime

and branching fraction measurement

Phys. Rev. A 63 (2001) 12519

G Stockhausen and M Kock

Proof and analysis of the pendulum motion of the beam electrons in a hollow cathode discharge.

J. Phys. D 34 (2001) 1683 - 9

J Reiche, F Könemann, W Mende and M Kock

Diagnostics on discharge modes of a low-current free-burning argon arc.

J. Phys. D (2001) 34 3177-84

S Johansson, A Derkatch, M P Donelly, H Hartman, A Hibbert, H Karlsson, M Kock, Z S Li, D S Lekrone, U Litzen, H Lundberg, S Mannervik, L-O Norlin, H Nilsson, J Pickering, T Raassen, D Rostohar, P Royen, A Schmitt, M Johanning, C M Sikström, P L Smith, S Svanberg and G M Wahlgren

The FERRUM project: New f-value Data for Fe II and Astrophysical Applications.

Phys. Scripta (2002) T00 71-80

G Kühn, F Könemann and M Kock

2D display of tungsten impurity in a free-burning arc using laser-induced fluorescence.

J. Phys. D (2002) 35 2096-104

F Könemann, G Kühn, J Reiche and M Kock

Near-cathode region of a free-burning arc: a spectroscopic investigation.

J. Phys. D (2004) 37 171-179

G Kühn and M Kock

A spatially resolved relaxation method for pLTE plasma diagnostics in free-burning arcs

J. Phys. D (2006) 39 2401-2414


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